no (repeat) vember

a lot of guys do “no shave november” to bring awareness to prostate cancer…

…but how does you looking a guy with no grooming skills cure cancer?

if that was the case we would have beat it back in the 90’s!

oddly enough, the same guy that said to the transgender community, “i’ll call you ‘he’, ‘she’, or, ‘it’, but i refuse to use ‘they’ or ‘them’ as a single pronoun – i am NOT gonna sound like i can’t speak english properly just because your daddy didn’t hug you enough!” also said, “looking like a twenty-year old with no direction just to piss off your wife with facial hair ain’t doing shit to cure cancer!”. so in that vein, i will be doing “no repeat vember” where i don’t wear the same shirt twice all month…possibly till the end of the year?

it has the same effect on cancer but i don’t look like shit or have to go through an “itchy period”!

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