i know i can’t give budnik ambien, but…

i don’t know what my boy’s deal has been lately…

…but we need to figure it out quickly.

for over a week budnik has been on this kick whereby he wakes me up in the middle of the night to take a shit. the ufc thought it was because we’ve been feeding him a bit more AND a bit later than usual (the more due to him needing to bulk up a bit, the later due to schedule issues) but decreasing food, in my opinion, isn’t an option. meanwhile, we’ve changed his dinner time from 7-8pm to 5pm to no avail. the only side effects i’ve seen from the increased amount of food is now he takes a shit a bit bigger than anything i do – but it’s not all going in the backyard. he is starting to put on some much needed weight.

but the incomplete night thing is getting old quickly.

i almost cheered when he took a shit when i got home from the shop last night! i smoked out, passed out, and was allowed to sleep a full five and a half hours until my alarm went off (believe it or not, for a friday that’s pretty good!). hopefully this starts to fix because in a couple weeks when we go to new orleans i don’t think shane’s staying the night here due to his pups at home (although free beer in the fridge and cable might change that)…and i don’t want him to walk into the house with a pile of shit so large it gathers snow on top of it greeting him!

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