a real throwback of a throwback (read it and that makes sense)

the more things change, the more things stay the same…

…apparently this exact time SIXTEEN YEARS AGO we were getting hammered by rain AND (going off shane’s comment, which i left in just this made sense) were just shy of midterm elections!

10/25/2002: “mud, mud, EVERYWHERE…”

weather in texas is about as predictable as women in texas…although i guess the latter would fit them from ANYWHERE. don’t get me wrong, we do have our somewhat predictable times…like august. august=hot. DAMN hot. kinda like a lot of the women in texas. but if april showers bring may flowers why the fuck are we getting drenched to hell the week before halloween (when i may, or may not be wandering sixth street as the world’s dirtiest priest with a naughty catholic school girl in tow…but time will tell). and when the rains DO come, so does the mud…and for those of us with large dogs, that’s never pretty. unless you think a very earthy tone of brown is “pretty”.

my puppy tribe falls into three distinct categories when it comes to how to handle wet, sloppy weather. calum is SUCH a boy when it comes to it…go out, get in the mud, play, come in wet and slobbery and sloppy…to the point where when he jumps up against the gate he projectile-splatters mud on me. i think he sees it as mother nature giving him MORE to play with in the yard. but he IS contained behind that gate, so that keeps things somewhat in check.

then there’s buffi…SUCH the girl when it comes to these things. little miss blondie has NO interest in her butterscotch hue becoming tainted with extra earth tones. she wanders along under the overhang of the house, takes care of business inches from the door, walks back in, and waits for the others. five minutes after she’s back in, you can’t even tell she’s been outside.

then, there’s copper. for the first couple of days of this rain stretch she’s treated like the past ones…mud wrestling with calum, and then looking at me puzzled when i’d get pissed that she’d jump up on my bed. last night i had her hang in the utility room with the others and “de-mud” herself while i headed off to new braunfels for dinner. she COULD have jumped the gate and ran off, but she didn’t…MAYBE she’s starting to learn, but we’ll see. i hope so…i’m beginning to wonder if my house will EVER recover from her presence. but if we can void the mud factor out of the equation, i might be able to slow things down a bit. how do you people with kids do this? oh yeah…kids WILL actually bathe, won’t they?

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this is what we in the business call the ever lov’in cluster-fuck!
if you think its bad with the dogs check out www.democraticunderground.com and listen to them whine about the last election! those people make me ashamed to admit i’m a democrat

Father Shane said @ 10/26/2002 04:29 AM GMT

and RIP calum (1996-2007), buffi (1999-2010), and copper (2001-2013)

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