if you’re gonna scam, at least spellcheck (a flashback)

fourteen years later i actually HAVE a fucking citi card again…

…and i still wouldn’t fall for this shit!

(again, no entry could be found for this exact day in far back archive history, so i randomly picked one)

with yo’ broke ass…
by sean ~ January 13th, 2004. Filed under: Uncategorized.

does this guy think we’re ACTUALLY this stupid? the mail i received…

Dear Citbiank Members,

This e-mail was sentt by the CitibankOnline sevrers to veerify your e-mail
address. You must cetlopme this procses by clicking on the link
below and enttering in the litle window your Citi-bank ATM
card nummber and pin that you use on local Atm Machine.
This is done for your potecrtion -y- because some of our memebrs no
lnoegr have acecss to their email adedsress and we must verify it.

To veerify your e-mail addres and akcess your Citicard account, clic on
the link bellow. If ntohing happnes when you klick on the link -a coppy
and paste the link into the adress bar of your web browser.


Thank you for using Citi-Card!

This automatic email sent to: m_sean_m@yahoo.com
Do not rpely to this email.

okay, first off, unlike this guy (and obviously me) i would like to think that citibank uses SPELL CHECK to catch words like “veerify” (bought one too many vowels there, bud) and “clic” (for the record, i just cut and pasted this out of my email so don’t feel i’m to blame for the bad typing, although for those who suspected it i understand why). but SERIOUSLY…just go to the link, put in your ATM and PIN? reminds me of a scam that they pulled on the elderly on the simpsons, where grampa replied,

“oh, it’s not a scam…what you do is, see, you send them ALL of your credit card numbers, and if one of them is lucky, you in a PRIZE!!!”

and what’s all the more amusing, i don’t even OWN a citi bank atm card. or a citi bank credit card. in fact, i’m pretty sure i still owe them money. so, if you DO have citi ties, and you got this mail, and you fell for it, i wish you all the economic misery in the world…

(unless you’re over 60 and therefore just gullible to this type of thing; so kramer, you’re excused).

it’s called mental darwinism, folks – learn it, love it, live it…

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