a tale of two anniversaries

sunday was a somewhat significant day for me…

…and i say “somewhat” because obviously if it was THAT big a thing this would have been the monday bit, but i spaced it.

as of sunday i’ve lived in my house for forty years. four full decades with the same mailing address. and people try to say i’m “hard to find”. of course the bigger anniversary, in a couple of ways, kicks in after the first of the year.

while we moved in the last weekend of september in 1978 mom technically became the owner october 1st, 1978…and died february 7, 1996. that means this was technically “mom’s house” for seventeen years, four months, and a week. while we didn’t flip the name on the deed until it became mine, technically it became my sister’s and mine when she died until i bought her out which kicked in fully on september 1st, 2001. all this means one week into the new year we start the counter where i’ve owned the place outright longer than mom (we’ll negate the “lost years” where i was paying for it all, but it was technically me & teri’s, but was still legally in mom’s name because…well…that’s lawyer ball).

i plan on letting my sister know that as of next year she can no longer call this place “mom’s house” – and she has to stop using it as free self-storage as well. time to clean out the attic! (literally)

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