rain, rain, go away

i know we needed it…

…i KNOW this.

but i think we’ve had enough rain. my leaky-doored car can’t take much more. my leaky-roofed house can’t take much more. and i never knew a black car needed to be washed so often and we can’t catch a break, so last month i paid for a carwash membership and only used it TWICE. already paid for october on september 25th, and so far i haven’t gotten to use it yet.

the days i THOUGHT about going, but didn’t, it ended up raining on me…so it was just as well. between tip and upgrades to the “basic” wash a membership gets you, i drop fifteen bucks each time anyway. plus, my backyard has something that is fucking with budnik’s allergies, and i’m not sure it isn’t the fact that just the yard has a mosquito population just shy of that in vietnam…and they ain’t small!

so while my yard is starting to look healthy again, which is nice, and i’ve gotten to mow it, i need a third session on that tree and i’m tired of constantly fearing homegrown wes nile disease…so yeah, this shit can go away for a while now.

(four different mosquitoes landed on my monitor in the half hour it took to write this bit…indoors!)

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