concert working randomness (an anything but exciting throwback)

“sometimes i just babble until i annoy myself…

…like now” – comedian larry miller.


09/13/2002: “weezer junior”

tonight was jimmy eat world, or as i call them, weezer jr. at least, that’s what they sounded like. and going off their fan base, it looks like a fairly accurate description…in quality AND age. i swear about 65% of the i.d.s i had to check for will call were of the side-ways variety, which ALWAYS look fake (or at least odd) to me.

ya know who i really feel for? the bartenders. how much do you think they’ll get tipped for bottled water or coke? i’m thinking little if any, if they even have allowance left AFTER the $30 t-shirts. the really sad thing is, this is probably the hippest show i work all week. tomorrow’s bela fleck, and i swear saturday is ray price. is he the old-as-dirt country artist i’m thinking of or is this a different ray price?

i suppose the moral to the story is, be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it…i WANTED to work more shows. i have nothing better to do, might as well make some money, right? and better stuff IS on the horizon…but for every nickelback, austin city limits festival, and koRn, i suppose there has to be a weezer junior, country septuagenarian, and whatever the hell you wanna call bela fleck.

but at least on friday i get to wear a hockey mask and machete with my “casual friday” ensemble…i bet with all the hype around wednesday and the possible end of the world as we know it (funny – i feel fine…) everybody forgot today was a friday the thirteenth (my FAVORITE day of any month if we get to have one). for some reason things always seem to go REALLY well for me on friday the thirteenth…but then again, i’m an odd guy (who wants to dispute that? anyone? beueller? BEUELLER?)

i’ve never had a casual friday in my life. EVER. don’t get me wrong, i’ve had fridays that were relaxing, and in that way casual, but as far as the whole company-sponsored, “today i can wear jeans and my company t-shirt with my i.d. badge” sort of thing i’ve NEVER experienced it…or understood it. if it’s okay to look that way on friday, why not have a “wish the weekend had lasted longer monday”? or a “just trying to get over the hump of humpday / why did i go get wasted on a tuesday night” wednesday? at least i know the answer to that last one…it was kathi’s birthday, damn it. but never mind that now. guess it’s my fault for always having jobs i could wear shorts and sandals to any day of the week and nobody bats an eye…which is good since i can also wear shorts down to about 55 degrees and be comfortable, where as in jeans or khakis (i don’t think i own more than one pair of proper “slacks” anymore…didn’t wear anything BUT in high school…but it was the 80’s, and i spent WAY too much time at oak tree and chess king…but never mind that now) not so much.

(at this point you all should have probably noticed that NOTHING happened on the day sandwiched in between the 9/11 anniversary and friday the thirteenth and therefore i’m basically babbling to fill space, right? just checking…let’s try and milk a LITTLE substance out of this, okay?)

okay, so this WAS supposed to be where i linked to an article i was reading last night about the despicable things that some people did to profit off the 9/11 tragedy…but the problem is, the article was in stuff, a sister publication of maxim, and so their website doesn’t ALLOW you to go to it JUST to read the articles…for that you have to BUY the damn magazine. the website is just all about the girls and demented back page art (the latter of which makes a trip to the link worth it anyway…and then you’ll know where my work wallpaper comes from since they won’t allow me to have porn like i do at home).

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