boats and hoes – a labor day look back

a fun, fairly generic bit that finally puts “september 2003” on the board and gives me labor day off…

(spoiler alert – friday we get sept 2002 up)

09/03/2003: “no more room for jell-o”

thirty-seven!!! more than just an on-line game about kevin smith flicks; i think it’s also how many jell-o shots i had on saturday night…

i think.

got kinda blurry after i crossed into the thirties. and someone knocked my little stack of plastic cups over where i was keeping count. but i’m getting WAY ahead of myself here…

so, friday was one of those get off of work so you can go to work sort of days. the kind most of us know WAY too well. in this case, the “occasion” was the big head todd show. yeah. hell, it’s money, right? rolled out of there around 10:30 or so, hit heb for supplies, and went home to smoke some brisket…

and you know what the hardest part of smoking brisket is, right? rolling it up in those little papers!!!

(sue me – i LOVE that joke)

didn’t get the damn things started until midnight, and they were so big that i had to stack one atop the other in the smoker. but with the right rub, and the right amount of smokeage, everything turned out really moist and tender (guess the same could be said for stoner chicks, but this is dead cow we’re talking about here). the occasion? the retox dubble-bubble booze cruise…and i was the cook for this one. or the “lockhart pit bull” as i was called (get it? bar-b-que PIT? fuck it, i tried…). so after getting up every two hours to keep things hot enough (again, the same could be said for…oh get the picture) i headed up to the lake to join the crew.

after lots of loading, beer bong piñata bashing, and my first six jell-o shots, i was on a boat playing with fire. very nice. many, many, MANY more jell-o shots (which was not my fault…the blame can totally fall elsewhere, damn it…), some scantily clad bubble bath wrestling (i was just a spectator / ref on that one), and another round of my grilling and we were back on dock. of course, that was over five hours after we had left. and that’s a LOT of jell-o shots in my world.

so, no more jell-o for me.

sunday, monday, and tuesday were spent down in sa completely jell-o free, but with plenty of other pleasantly jiggly distractions. more mellow. more relaxing. more time to save up my energy for NEXT weekend, right?

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