lay bur pains?

was i tripping?

i swear i had done a bit a while back about labor day that said it was basically government bribery for killing some folks during a strike bust. as i recalled it, troops came in, got a little TOO into cracking some skulls, some folks died, and the ensuing “government hates the working man” cries were calmed by them going, “no we don’t – we LOOOOOOOVE the working man – we’re even giving them their own holiday!!!”

and labor day was born. but now i can’t find that story ANYWHERE, including my own archives.

i don’t where that story came from. i KNOW i read it – my imagination can’t be THAT good, although every time i picture “strike busters”, i picture this old simpsons clip:

but i digress…

…i don’t where i’m remembering that from. or how i thought i did a bit about it. i was gonna flashback it on monday since the family all has the day off so i rearranged my schedule and we’re going shit together, but now i guess i’ll rerun another bit? i noticed one of the holes in the archives (a month where there’s not bits there yet) is september of 2002, so let’s see what we can find on this old disc!

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