bar bonding with the boy

today i had my favorite ribs on the planet for lunch…

from the tap room in san marcos, texas.

not like they’re perfect, but almost. there has been ONE time i’ve had them and they weren’t awesome. it was the time i asked for less sauce, so they put on more and they were overcooked. after that i stopped being “that guy” and just ordered em as they came…and all was well.

sadly, my history with this place doesn’t go back as far as it should. although it is only blocks from my collegiate alma mater and even closer to the record store i used to work in for four years and shop for thirty (side note – that place is now an ice cream shop and (gag) a place with greek organization wear). but since i didn’t drink during college (and had no idea they had food) and was too broke during the sundance years to afford the place, i never started going there till harold opened his shop and it was our “settle up spot” (i’d hustle enough business that we could close early and for pay i’d just ask for tattoo work and covering my drink tab there) but back then i could sit in there with a drink in one hand and a lit cigar in the other. the smoking part is illegal now.

os had told me horror stories about being trapped in a bar with his dad one summer when he was visiting since his dad decided to combine several online dates into a single day at a single spot to weed some of them out (classy). that’s when os learned if you ask really nice the bartender will charge your phone behind the bar for you because your loser dad has you essentially trapped there and youtube will drain a fucking battery, which is all he had, because what the fuck else does a (then eleven year old) kid do at a fucking bar all day?

(shane will probably have an answer for that)

but the tap is a bit different during daylight hours being more restaurant then bar and properly lit and shit and so we had a nice lunch, and i got yet another stamp on my card that i am determined will be filled by the end of february, 2019 – ten years after i got it. let’s see if i can pull it off!

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