a fly on the wall…again

one of my great regrets is i never got to see ac/dc…

…and this one is never coming back.

when malcolm young (r.i.p.) left the band with dementia and was quickly followed by brian johnson with ear issues i knew that was it – the window was closed. no way i was seeing the axl rose version, and even if brian HAD soldiered on without both the young brothers to me it was like seeing van halen with phil collins on drums.


but thursday i got my deja vu on as i walked down the hallway of lockhart high school, habitually scanning over the tour dates on the back of a “1985-86 fly on the wall tour” shirt to look for austin (october 11, 1986, for all curious) but there were some differences:

1. this shirt wasn’t from the erwin center where the tour had actually played, it was a re-print from hot topic.
2. i was no longer a freshman in these halls, but rather had BROUGHT a freshman to these halls
3. there are now a shitload more halls
4. some of my favorite faculty now only exist in statue and memorial plaque form
5. i rocked shorts and ear rings without any hassle
6. i was in and out in two hours and drove off in a bmw

(it should be noted that the last time i drove away from the parking lot as a student i was chauffeured in a mercedes, but it wasn’t mine)

i’m not gonna lie – even though it was a marginal album with no tracks worth mentioning, i now kinda want that shirt.

but i don’t remember us having a freshman orientation when i went through back in 1985. and i sure as hell don’t remember a “back to school bash” (they’re using the term “bash” WAAAAY wrong, but i was requested by the ufc not to point that out) and this is all after a “high school sneak preview” we went through last spring. i think it’s all meant to hype up high school and keep kids from dropping out – but god bless, they literally tell kids that decisions you make when you’re a fucking freshman effect the rest of your life…but unless that’s shooting a round at somebody or shooting a load in somebody i don’t think that’s actually true. lord knows i made some dumb ass calls in high school, and that shit hasn’t haunted me – it all depends on scale and scope. i did make some calls like befriending bret and JAB and that’s effected me ever after, but pretty much for the better. they need to stop the scare tactics – most kids are nervous enough going into high school…don’t make it out to be such an epic thing.

(shirt ordered since it was on clearance and only showed four left in xxl – xl was already sold out)

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