do the honky! (grill thing, that is)

i guess wednesday will be the real test…

…that’s when i get to do it like a white guy!

it goes back to the juneteenth happy hour at trudy’s, where i mentioned i might be getting a new grill that had a propane component to it. my buddy james offered up an extra tank he had just laying around, even thought it was practically empty (and he said so, which didn’t make lick one of sense at the time, but it does now.)

well, as mentioned, the grill got built and thrown out on the porch (with a cover on it bought before i even got the grill due to all negative reviews mentioning “rust” and “rain” being issues) but there was no tank because i hadn’t synced up with james…until today.

i grabbed the almost empty tank this morning and this afternoon saw why it was good – it was $55 for a tank at the convenience store near the house, but only $22 if you had a tank to swap out. i hooked it all up but dinner tonight was set in motion already and tomorrow is the boy’s mma class so i guess wednesday will be the test run. i’ve used propane grills to the juneteenth bbq at harold’s apartment (i really miss that set up) and my boss’s house, but never had one of my own let alone hooked up my own tank! it’s one nozzle, and so many rednecks have done it, i figure is it possible i could fuck this up? i guess if wednesday’s it is called “kaboom!” and NOT written by me, you’ll know!

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