pin up fuck up

i understand mistakes happen…

…but i’m constantly amazed and the ones that COULD be avoided – but aren’t.

yesterday was an excellent example.

i close the shop tonight…which means i’ll get out about midnight, get home about one, and get to bed about two. my alarm will then go off at 7:42am. why the odd hour? because iphone’s have a preset snooze time you can’t alter of nine minutes. so when i slap snooze, it resets my alarm till 7:51am…and then 8am. and that’s when, if i’m not already, i get up. same hours last night.

i was up extra early yesterday. part of this is because of gypsy, who’s still healing a bad knee, will wake up early, and feel everybody needs to join her. normally i pull her up in bed with me and we all get a bit more sleep, but yesterday i had to un-ass the bed because i agreed to go in and house sit the tattoo shop for a pinup girl photo shoot.

my boss asked me if i could do it back on thursday, and i said i really didn’t want to because, due to me closing fridays, i usually don’t roll into austin till around two, hit the gym, and then get to the shop with dinner in tow around 4:30-5. he said he’d see if somebody else could do it, then sent me a thursday night making sure we were all good. i verified nobody else could to it (he admitted it was because he didn’t actually ask anybody else) and i said i didn’t WANT to do it, but if it had to happen it had to happen. since he never responded after i said that, i rolled up to the shop hitting the gym along the way friday morning. while i was working out it occurred to me that these girls shouldn’t be fucking with any of the guys tattoo stuff, and i wanted to make sure expectations were realistic, so i called the boss after i left the gym and said, “hey – i’m only giving the girls access to the shop, but they know they can’t fuck with any of the guy’s shit, right?” his response –

“oh no, bro – i cancelled that shit last night…”

what the fuck? what? why? he said, “well, you seemed like you really didn’t wanna do it, so i cancelled it”.

but he didn’t bother to tell me?!?!?

so i drove 80 miles, round trip, and took up four hours of my pre-work day for nada. on top of that, his wife was there stocking jewelry that morning so even if it HAD gone down she could have watched them! i called the photographer and left a voicemail with no answer, but she texted me later in the evening apologizing for the confusion (not her fault from where i’m sitting) and i told her i DO open saturday – sunday so one of those could work. we set up for tomorrow (sunday) so they’re happy, and i’m up there by then anyway so no harm no foul.

as far as the friday debacle goes i’m counting that as making up the time i’ll miss in a couple fridays when we go see manson & zombie.

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