n-cel = dusty dick dilemma

if you ain’t IN a cell being an “incel” in your own fucking fault…

…although, i guess if you’re IN a cell it’s your fault twice for the most part (one for getting in the cell in the first place, the other for being “incel” while there) but never mind that now.

had y’all heard about this? the ufc had – i hadn’t.

one of the things i love about doing bits here is occasionally (like this one) if forces me to do copious amounts of research to make the horrible sound humorous…although on this one i don’t know if i can. at the core of it, it’s a bunch of guys who can’t get laid and are frustrated about it because they don’t see pussy as a privilege, but as an inalienable right. and in today’s world it is FAR to common for people to think that they have the rights to do anything, even when they don’t. a woman in georgia who was sentenced to jail for child abuse because she tattooed her own kids (some of which were under ten) tried to argue the state was stepping on her rights because they were HER kids and she thought it was okay. but where does it stop? if you think it’s okay to let your kids down a beer or twelve at the age of eight the state steps in, too. some laws are out there for when common sense fails us, which lately seems to happen more often than it should.

these guys have message boards where they fuel each other’s fires and whip each other into a frenzy not just due to the lack of sex in THEIR lives, but the presence of it in other’s. people who get laid are the enemy because they freely get what they can not. women who give it up to such guys are the enemy because they won’t take one for the team and bed down one of these losers. they’re misogynistic and hate-filled and it’s been argued their numbers are growing, but i doubt that.

i’ve gone through my sex-free phases. we all have. but i never blamed the women for it REALLY (i’d make some light-hearted comments to that effect, but never mind that now) but i think this is part of the offshoot of that “everybody gets a trophy” mentality a couple generations have now been brought up on. when praise is heaped out in the name of saving low self-esteem instead of actually earned and all kids are told they’re not losers, the reality that they actually ARE can be a bitter pill to swallow. because their core belief system has always been to the contrary said lack of sexual conquest can’t be THEIR fault, right? they’re winners and awesome and handsome – momma always told em so. why can’t these bitches see it her way and give it up?

i bet this gets uglier before it gets prettier…

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