monday media madness

wanna see something scary?



and they think the ANTI-trump media is biased? they’re programmed so tightly it’s like a brainwashed cult! i couldn’t find the clip the way johh oliver ran it last night online unless i wanted to put the whole segment up, which was close to twenty minutes, so i just videoed my own tv. sinclair broadcasting, which owns WAY more stations in the US than they legally should, has stories they push for their own conservative agenda to the point that they write the scripts and insist the media they own read them VERBATIM which is how the clip like what you see above exists…

…if you weren’t nervous about the future of this country before, you fucking should be now. this is all LOCAL news affiliates in various cities. the local folks “people trust”. well, now ya know.

(it should be noted for any local readers they own the CBS affiliate in austin as well as the FOX and NBC ones down in SA – but in some states they own LARGER percentages of the local stations and they’re trying a merger that will grow them exponentially)

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