wu-tang clan is for the…feds?

admittedly, this is not a new story…

…but i found notes i wrote about the bit on my phone, so here we are.

am i the only one who pictured the end scene of raider’s of the lost ark when you hear about the government seizing something? like it all has to go to that same warehouse, or, the very least, that same TYPE of warehouse.

well that is the future home of the one off wu-tang album purchased by former pharma ceo and current human taint wart martin shkreli as he is forced to forfeit assets due to some fed charges. you remember him – the guy who raised the price of an hiv pill his company owned from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill overnight because he could. well, the “pharma bro” also ran hedge funds, always known as a rock solid investment (lol) and now is up on all sorts of charges for his general douche baggery.

it hasn’t been seized yet as he IS appealing, but since wu-tang said they wouldn’t release the album commercially until 2103 (they do realize they’ll all be dead by then, right?) raiding (pun intended) a federal warehouse may be our only hope if pharmadick loses his case. who’s down to crack some crates while holding a flashlight in their teeth with me?

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