every niche market does not need it’s own dating site

and by that, i mean the new site that claims to “make dating great again”…

…yep – there’s a dating site for his followers.

i mean, i guess there’s one for jesus’ followers, and he ain’t in the news nearly as much (or as full of himself, but never mind that now). first thing you click on you pick between “STRAIGHT male” or “STRAIGHT female”. and they’re explicit about that. interestingly, the parent company that runs the site has many other niche dating sites, and ALL of them have gay and bi options…except this one.

no real surprise there.

the poster photo is an actual couple that are actually supporters of the president, although it has since been found out that the husband has a 1995 “taking improper liberties with a child” conviction, which i didn’t even know as a thing in his home state of north carolina. but after the roy moore thing, that doesn’t necessarily knock you off any lists in that camp, i suppose.

so if you’re looking for that special someone who hates the gays and loves their guns and refers to anybody NOT white as an “illegal” now you know where to find them so you can go get your matching “LOCK HER UP” tattoos or whatever it is you people do…

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