finé dining

so, yesterday this was my parting shot…

the last time i’ll eat at ruby’s bbq on the drag, as they close at the end of this weekend (or this month, not sure which). it was the first time i’ve EVER had to wait in line, and the first time i haven’t sat under my former boss’ signed pic (jim hightower) as most of the decorations have been removed already.

i used to go here on the regular when it was the after-hours haunt for the blue’s club “antone’s”, which is where much of it’s soul and bluesy feel came from, as well a the bulk of it’s memorabilia. now, i was never cool enough to have actually come FROM antone’s to there – i was usually coming from the more punkish cannibal club on 6th on my way to drop my boy dave off at home back when he lived in hyde park, which was when a door guy at a bar could afford to do so.

i’ve only been there three times in the last ten years, once after a failed attempt to check out the new black’s bbq a block or two up the road, and twice with an old record store co-worker who is a blues and bbq lover. yesterday was the first time i’ve ever had to wait in a line of more than two people.

this was supposed to be part of a mini tour we were gonna do, as a haunt both kramer and i myself have a bit more of a history with, threadgill’s world headquarters, was supposedly set to close at the end of march. i swung by my old radio set on the way to our south shop just after the lunch rush and was assured that this had been thwarted with new lease terms set for the next three years (which is also how i found out eddie doesn’t actually own the building!).

so that one appears to be safe…but i’m still going a time or two in the next month just to play it safe. i figure if more of us would dine occasionally at the “i remember…” places around austin maybe they’ll stay open!

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