unanimously stated

so, tonight was the state of the union address…

…which i swear trump did last year, but they called this his first, so maybe last year’s was a different speech.

whatever the one last year was, i remember watching it. obviously, by the fact i set up a sister site only weeks before (now defunkt ’cause it was too much to keep up with) i went in with quite the anti-trump bias, but i walked away feeling okay with shit. i thought he came off “presidential” and, for a brief moment, i thought we might be okay.

a year later i realize quite the opposite.

but i also realize that, like everything associated with this administration, it’s still just as decisive and polarizing as it’s ever been. i also realize that if you dislike him, there’s nothing he could say right tonight, because we’ve heard him backtrack and lie so much that nothing he says seems real anymore. that’s why i didn’t watch.

and if you love trump, he can say no wrong and everything he said tonight just affirms that he’s “your guy”.

but it wasn’t really a “state of the union”, but more a “state of me”. he focused on what he claims to have done – some of which was set in motion years before he was around. for example, black unemployment has gone down every year since obama was sworn in – and continued to do so this last year. so, basically, he just didn’t fuck that up. but since it did continue to fall, technically it hit it’s lowest last year, so that was bragged on. it IS true, it was just really through no fault of his own. it’s like some of the business dealings set in place long before he was sworn in that he then took credit for. some of the companies involved went out in public and said, “um…yeah…trump had fucking ZERO to do with this” but their story was on page thirteen a few days after XLV’s braggadocio was on page one.

and so it goes. this ain’t new.

carter’s last act as president was to finalize negotiations with iran to free the hostages, but you didn’t see them ACTUALLY free till reagan had been in office for a day or two, which made it look like reagan did it, and of course he took the credit for it. “what the democrats couldn’t accomplishment in months uncle ronnie did in days”. SO not true, but it ushered in an error of twelve years of GOP political dominance.

so let’s not let that shit happen again.

in a couple years we need to figure out who we really need to support and hop up on it. fucking seriously. trump’s base is so rabid he could kill somebody in the middle of pennsylvanian avenue and still get re-elected by those goons, so long as the person he killed wasn’t white and christian. we need a candidate we can get behind like THAT. bring back bernie. see mccain is still firing on all cylinders. forget oprah and this kennedy kid – we don’t need a novelty, we need a fucking PRESIDENT. and the golden orangutan still ain’t cutting it.

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