this “trans fad” can be bad for your health

let’s talk about the LGBTQ thing for a second…

we all know “L=Lesbian, “G=Gay, B=Bisexual and T=Transgender” but apparently the “Q” is either for “Queer” or “Questioning”. all good. do whatcha wanna do in the bedroom. love who you wanna love in your relationships. as long as you’re both humans (no animals) and adults (yes, i know teenagers are gonna fuck, too, but adults don’t need to be involved in the activity is what i’m saying) than i consider it YOUR business, not mine.

(“YOUR” in all caps for emphasis, not some new gay acronym y’all don’t know yet)

i do, however have two notes for the LGBT community that i mean with the utmost sincerity – and while i joke about lots of shit on this site, i couldn’t be more serious about these two things:

if you’re a teenager (or younger) do NOT take hormones or consider surgery until you’re twenty-one or older – this goes DOUBLE for you fucking parents out there. currently, of all the colors in the LGBTQ rainbow (it should be noted that modern spellcheck is recognizing “LGBT” as legit but not “LGBTQ”) the big “T” seems to also stand for “Trending”. it’s the new thing. hey, that’s super. but if you’re a teen or preteen you have NO idea what your body is doing on a hormonal level – and that’s okay. that’s what puberty is – complete and total hormone upheaval. but trying to chemically (or god forbid, surgically) swing the pendulum one way or the other because of how you think you feel that day is fucking moronic and if your parents support such actions i feel they should be charged with child abuse or endangerment…

…i’m not kidding.

parents, it’s your job to protect your kids – even from themselves and their ever changing moods. don’t think for a fucking second that your quest to be their bestie (hey, look – another word spellcheck doesn’t recognize) should include fucking up their hormonal balance or medically mutilating their bodies. if you allow it (and it IS your right to deny it…that’s why minors have to get parental consent just to get their ears pierced legally) i feel you should be criminally charged. take some adult responsibility and tell that fucker “NO”. if they decide to permanently change shit as adults, that’s their deal. if they want to be called by another name and rock different hair or clothes till they graduate, love them, support them, and let them be them. but don’t take that love and support to the point of hormonal therapy or surgery. be a god damn adult and stand up to your kids!

and secondly…

i talk good – yes, i get the irony of making a grammatically incorrect statement about my grammar correctness. doing it for fun is one thing, but i’m not going to intentionally mutilate the english language because your “preferred pronoun” is “they” or whatever the fuck. “they” is plural – as in more than one person. if you’re not over 500lbs you don’t get to be a “they”. at that girth i get it. anything less and you gotta be a “he” or a “she”, and if you don’t like those go with “it”. i am not going to call you a plural just ’cause you want to be different – grammar is what it is. all languages have singular and plural pronouns – pick a singular and call it done.

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