enough already! (groper edition)

“‘nice tits’ – since when is that off the table?!?” – lewis black – accepted

apparently since forever.

it all started (this time) with harvey weistein, who most people don’t know from adam unless you show them this:

which you remember fast forwarding past at the beginning of countless redbox & blockbuster evenings. but was it him? or bill cosby? to my recollection, since the 1990’s men in power have been publicly accused of sexual harassment (which apparently is now downplayed to “misconduct” in the more modern vernacular) and hashtags were made (#metoo) and it began in quantity.

for all my female readers i’ll let you in on a secret – most men’s private reaction was “well, duh” and it didn’t seem too personal until accusations hit folks we actually enjoy. for me that was louis c.k. and al franken. i’ll start with the latter…

al franken is still a comedian. yes, i know he’s a senator – but if you watch him on c-span, for example, at the hearings with facebook execs on russian bullshit, his timing, his comments, are all meant for impact…and laughter. he’s also been a fervent anti-trump guy (which needless to say i understand) and has publicly gone after XLV for many things, not the least of which is his boorish misogyny. easy target. but the guy that does this (and clearly knew it was being filmed):

ain’t really got shit to say when it comes to sexist bullshit.

“i wanna fool around tonight…”
i’m on my period…
“well, your mouth ain’t bleedin’…yet”

that’s it. that’s all most folks would have on me for sexist bullshit. and i burst out laughing at the end (as did she) because we both know i’m not that guy. it’s not that hard to get through life NOT being an asshole in that regard. don’t get me wrong – i have plenty of drops in other “asshole buckets”, just not THAT one.

same with louis ck – another guy recently brought out for public shaming, and he and franken have two things in common:

1. both funny as hell
2. both fucking OWNED it

yeah, they fucked up. yeah, that sucks. but they OWNED it. when it came out, there was no denial, no backpedaling, no talk of “locker room banter” or what the fuck have you. they owned it, they apologized, and quite honestly i hope we move on. i’m not belittling the charges, and i’m not saying it’s inexcusable. but they say power is the most potent aphrodisiac, and looking at these two i don’t think it was their most powerful one, i think that was pretty much the only crayon in the box. neither of em are lookers or in great shape; the weight their name carried was all they had…

(i’d like to quickly interject that what franken did in the above pic goes a bit beyond as she was asleep and all, but there was also stuff that happened when all parties were awake that the above statement more applies to)

…of course XLV couldn’t wait to tweet about this because the commander in tweet likes to sit in his glass house and lob rocks. he’s had accusers just in his brief political career that number in the teens (double or more if you count his private life) and yet mr. “grab em by the pussy” still got elected president. so i say if we’re gonna have a pussy-grabbing president shut the fuck up and let’s see another louis ck netflix special soon.

again, he and franken owned their shit and profoundly apologized.

trump hasn’t ever, and won’t ever, own shit. in his eyes we’re the dumb girlfriend who believes her guy when he says “wuddent me” even though she visually SAW her man fucking her sister in their bed. and if america is, collectively, gonna keep doing it than he is honestly the president we as a country deserve.

“ultimately the way you are treated in a relationship is the way you ALLOW yourself to be treated” – jerry springer

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