dare i try an octo list?

i dare!

since today is world octopus day, and i never really do sunday sixers any more, i decided today to do an “octolist” (i.e. an “eighter” in place of a “sixer”). and since the ufc is the one that pointed it out, we’re gonna do an octolist of “honey do” things that need to happen around the house, but i’m gonna say by the end of the year will be the goal so more things seem realistic.

1. d-fence: the fence on the carport side of the house is crumbling quickly. a monster brush pile keeps the dogs away from the damaged part for the most part, but as the leaves are wilting on the downed limbs piled up they’re starting to see the light…literally!

2. clean your port: there’s been a constant pile in front of where i park as long as i can remember. as a kid we kept a toybox there with the “outdoor” toys. that went away, but more stuff just kept getting piled up there for oil changes or whatever. can i clean cut it AND keep it that way?

3. office finalization: first off, totally shocked “finalization” is a real word (at least in the sense that spell check didn’t flag me like i thought it would) but we have a good chunk of the office still filled with a monster stereo system i gotta sell for harold. i’m wondering of the xmas season will bring craigslist success!

4. stu-stu-studio: dare i try to get this room usable again? dare i? i dare!

5. more floor: while i need to do floors in the house proper, i also could stand to put a real one up the attic to curtail the fear of stuff dropping through our carport ceiling (this is a legit fear – part of the ceiling caved due to water issues, as you may recall)

6. no more drippy drippy (again): a leftover from the summer – that shower water feature has got to be stopped!

7. organized air: i did a ghetto-ass version of a shoe shelf in my closet that really doesn’t do what i need. and the nike collection is on point…it’s time they looked as nice in the closet as they do on me!

and finally…

8. d-fence 2: there are plenty of downed fence boards that present a real hazard for my pups. time to complete the lap (i did about a third of the yard already) and get them picked up so we can actually catch a vacation next summer instead of a $3K vet bill!

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