second place is the first loser

here’s my basic view on all things confederate memorial related…

if you don’t think the losing team should get a trophy in your kid’s soccer league then you don’t have a leg to stand on in the confederate memorial debate!

at the end of the day, the reason why there used to be all kinds of shirts and stickers and such that said “the south shall rise again” is because from the bottom the only way to go is up. and they were at the bottom in a “sports team” sense of the phrase. there were two sides in the american civil war and they got second. that’s LAST. and last place doesn’t deserve a trophy, be it this:

or this:

and for the record, i WAS gonna post a trump-bashing bit about the “both sides…” comment but then i watched footage of some racist shithead holding a press conference, and he was very subdued and calm and articulate. eerily so. and then came the face punch…which i know was only reactionary to people getting hit by cars and the scores of violence that had preceded it. but HE was being cool, and got hit in the face. just like protesters were being cool before they got hit by cars or sticks or what have you. so, in many ways, neither side is blameless, but i’ll openly admit there’s one side i blame MORE (as in 85/15 ratio) and i think we all know which one…

and trump’s handling of it has been as i would have predicted…in my whole history with tv, from somebody who watched it, to somebody who taught undergrad students how to do it, and on back into the land on the other side of the screen again, i have never heard a major news organization use the term “off the rails” to describe a president during a press conference. and this wasn’t the first time. it won’t be the last. i’ll just close with this:

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