scorecard! (a sixer)

so, earlier this summer i did my usual sixer…

…so let’s see how i did:

deuce and a quarter – i was trying to get down to 225 lbs before os came back. the day i wrote it in july i was 232.6. today? about the same…been higher, been lower, but never hit 225. so it goes. i’ll get there.


no more drippy drippy (part i) – the roof thing. secondary leak fixed, main leak? down to a trickle, and that was before i sealed it with flex-seal, so i’ll count this as done.


will the oz man cometh before the os man cometh?

i have a visual for this one:


open office – as of today, the office is cleared and the ufc is getting her desk set up, so…


no more drippy drippy (part ii) – the shower drip…nope, but i’m saving it for a possible project for me & os since it’ll be done in HIS closet (it the other side of the wall from the fixture and the sheet rock is already mostly cut out for the drain i had to replace anyway…


and finally…

ride or die? – the new(er) car thing. what i learned on those is i HAVE to refinance my house before any of that sort of thing can take place. it’s dragging down my credit and nobody will finance me. and once it’s done (which should be this month) i have to pay a few months before my credit should start to improve, so hopefully mr. grey (currently four hundred miles short of a quarter mill and fresh off a $475 driveshaft repair) will last through the holidays!


what’s sad, is half and half is pretty fucking good for me, although i technically count the last as a “miss” with an asterisk.

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