flashback sixer que (or que sixer flashback?)

hey look:

an old sixer i could re-run that fits the weekend!

06/10/2006: “my version of an evite (r.s.v.p. in the comments section)”
a week from today…

…my place. four-ish.

the annual juneteenth (which is a real holiday, whether ME likes it or not) bar-b-que

when: duh – we already covered that. saturday, june seventeenth, four-ish in the p.m.

where: my place. if you need directions, chances are i don’t want you here. i’m just sayin’…i’ve lived here since carter was president. if you haven’t been invited over by now, what are the chances this is your lucky day?

food: i will provide fajitas and all the fixins. see below for what some of you are probably asking yourselves.

beverages: will have some sodas and water. want beer? real booze? bring it on!!! (i’m feeding you – don’t expect me to get you loaded, too)

my six pack of traditions that will be broken:

1. no sharp objects will be held to your throat…unless you’re not shane. he’s had his turn. the rest of you might be at risk if i get really drunk. roll your dice, take your chances.

2. no crown royal will be in my system this time – but i will keep the whole fajita theme alive with tequila. it’s a different kind of buzz for me. let’s see how it works with a crowd.

3. this year i will buy enough meat IN ADVANCE. problems seem to arise when i have to make that drunken mid-Q run to the store. this year i’ll buy beef, chicken, AND pork. and have it all on hand. if we run out and people keep showing up, y’all can pitch in for a pizza or something.

4. no massive verbal assaults guaranteed UNLESS you’re not smokingly hot, at least half latin, and occasionally drive a miata.

(and yes, i do still feel kinda bad for that last year.)

5. no cajun-style (i.e. burnt) meat. i will only start drinking AFTER the food is on the platter and covered in foil.

and finally…

6. no fourth leg on calum!!!

(sue me…i ran out of traditions to break, he’s standing right here, and i don’t know a single one of you who doesn’t love him…those of you truly near and dear to me will be invited in august to HIS bar-b-que, for his tenth birthday!)

and yes, that year calum DID get his own Q (he got to eat his own rib eye and everything) for his tenth b-day! i’ll do the same for budnik in a few years!

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