drink em if you got em

this year there’s no juneteenth ‘Q, but there is booze and fajitas…

…if you’re on my facebook check your events page. in the meantime, this is where we were on it a decade ago:

q day forecast
by sean ~ June 16th, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized.
today is grill day…

…with a 60% chance of fucking rain.

welcome to my world.

and on top of that, the weather channel website makes the same weather prediction for most of my coastal trip this week. good thing i’m bringing enough booze and friends to make to where long afternoons indoors won’t seem so long – or at least they have high entertainment potential in addition to being long.

so that will do nicely.

the q is still on, and while it was remarked to me yesterday that it doesn’t typically rain on my q days, i beg to differ – i can remember at least one or two occasions where i had to drag the bbq pit into the carport (last year comes to mind on this, actually – i can remember sitting in my fold-up chair next to the grill talking to JAB when he stopped by, and i remember using the top-down camaro as a boom box while doing so) and we still did what we do. this year, even with change in location AND bbq pit (i still have mine, but am using the one at tina’s since there is simply no need to tote the thing up in my back seat or whatever) it’s still on, and she has a full-blown garage, so if need be we’ll still be cool if the weather dumps on us.

might make for a cancellation to the tubing excursion shane & i were going to do for father’s day, but we had already said we would do it next weekend as well, so that may work out for the best – i’ve been kinda bummed all week (being alone and miserable for your birthday can do that to you – is it too much to ask to at least get a friend with benefits so i can get some on a regular basis? geesh…) and the house shows it. i HATE coming home to a messy house (even though i live in one) when i get back from a few days away, so i have to crank it out before i leave and with only hours before shane shows up here and we start making our way to round rock (via san marcos, but he doesn’t know that unless he reads this – and i doubt he cares either way) tomorrow will probably be my best “get caught up” day bet, plus it’ll be cool to squeeze in some daddy / doggy time before i split to the beach.

but if it’s sunny, i am SO on the river tomorrow. i’ve missed the water. we need to plan an astrowhore schlitterbahn trip this summer.

but the q is on – see those of you who will trek to williamson county there – call the cell if you need me!

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