yaaass? noooooo

the ufc and i came to a decision tonight…

…”yaaass” might be the stupidest expression to come down the pipe in a while.

it came up while watching john oliver when he referred to the UK as “the country that’s been saying, ‘yaaass queen!’ for centuries”. it appears to be a generational thing – i’ll be forty-six next week, the wifey is still in her thirties, and neither of us get the point. she has a friend in her twenties that uses it, but i don’t have any friends in their twenties that do…or at least never have in front of me, probably realizing it’ll result in me making fun of them.

so what the fuck?

most of the expressions KINDA make sense of the newer slang – they generally exist to shorten things, or bring text shorts into verbal conversation since the latest generation communicates much more often via text then anything else, let alone actual verbal communication. i personally believe evolution will eliminate vocal cords out of humans within the next thousand years at the pace they’re at. hell, even email is just a way to get tickets and coupons these days…most people don’t actually COMMUNICATE that way, it’s done via text.

and that’s sad.

but why take an easy word like “yes” and fuck with it, creating a stupider and LONGER alternative. i’m confused. just fucking stop.

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  • Kramer Jun 14, 2017 @ 17:54

    And you kids, get off my lawn!

    Or I’ll hit you with my cane!

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