sadturday and squatless

the other day i had to say good-bye to an old friend…

(this is not actually it)

no, i showed up at the gold’s gym on ben white to do legs – like i have most thursday since i started at atomic eight years ago. it’s my favorite gym to do legs at because it has leg presses like this with a pivot rather than being on a track. they even have a tibia machine:

(again, i’m pulling google images here, and it looks huge in this pic – it’s less than a foot tall)

but this time the same leg press i’ve used since this became a gold’s gym in 2001 was GONE. i’ve used it almost weekly for sixteen years, and now it’s just…well…gone. they have the newer versions, but they’re not as smooth. i guess i gotta adapt – on the happy end, it didn’t go to some metal scrap yard…some guy who was building a home gym in his garage got it FOR FREE (the used ones are almost $2,500) so at least i know he’s not getting melted down…he’s a man cave dust magnet now!

stupid progress…

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