phone purge sixer part whatever

so, last week i upgraded to the iphone 7 plus at best buy…

…down side? almost $100 over the course of the lease between a slightly higher payment and the thirty buck upgrade fee…PER line (four lines total). up side? we get $200 best buy gift cards per upgraded line ($800 total) and the ufc is making be all responsible and shit and get a range.

so it goes…

…and i need to figure out how to transfer my old ringtones, damn it!

but it meant going through the phone and purging a thing or two, and i found a SHIT TON of pics i downloaded just to use as bits, but i don’t know if i ever did. so we’re gonna throw those up when i can’t think of a good sixer topic and see where it takes us.

here we go…

i’ve done a bone head parking job or two, but i’d REALLY love to know the real story behind this shit!

it’s just as well – i’d use it too much!

my first thought for a caption was ‘don’t we all?’ but who the fuck would want to see me in a thong?

while this is technically true, i’ve been with women that don’t wear underwear and for the most part some of their other hygiene practices could be called into question…

i’m still trying to master when and when NOT to use this shit…i did get a tattoo reposted to the powell & peralta instagram, so i feel like i have at least an inkling…and i wonder if the “#” will ever get a fourth name? it’s already been the number sign, the pound sign, and the hashtag…what’s next?

and finally…

you don’t have to be lonely at!

(if Os is reading this he just said “city folks just don’t get it!”)

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