how lowes can you go?

i hate when people blame corporate for their own shortcomings…

…because when i was in the land of the crooked “e” i never did. well, unless it was actually their fault.

i had lots to do yesterday and part of it included screen door hardware. i needed to run to san marcos AND kyle, both of which have a lowe’s. i have the lowe’s app. and i HATE the frontage road by the san marcos store because traffic is always insane so i elected to hit the one in kyle…

…big mistake.

i looked up where my shit would be on on the app. it wasn’t there. not only was it NOT there, but there wasn’t even pegs on which it would normally reside. i then figured maybe there was some by the actual screen doors but where those were said to be on the app was where storm windows are.

so i went looking for somebody to help, but after three different “not my department” conversations (one of which turned into a tattoo consult) i found somebody that blamed the app and how they should have gotten bonuses or raises instead of the company making that and how they’ve laid off lots of executives and the whole corporation was in trouble…

…i had no idea.

imagine my surprise when hours later i went into the san marcos store, was greeted three times over, ran into an employee on the aisle the app said the stuff would be in who asked me what i needed and when i responded with, “screen door stuff”, she replied, “well, you’re in the right place!” and it was EXACTLY where the app said it would be!

i guess “corporate” doesn’t run san marcos?

nope – i think miss kyle chica just has issues. and here i was about to write off my favorite home improvement chain ’cause i thought a pandemic of corporate bullshit had begun!

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