two bit tuesday

two lil’ bits that weren’t worthy of being their own…

…sadly, that hasn’t stopped me much lately – but i’ll let it this time.

haulin’ ass on the daily?

it is not atypical of me to stop at wendy’s post gym, pre shop, on a friday. even though we moved i still keep this tradition going…for now. and last friday i pulled up next to a van that looked familiar (and not from going for free candy when i was a kid). no, this looked familiar because had all the hallmarks of a u-haul van – like it wasn’t van like a panel van, it was more like one of the box trucks:

like this, but crudely spray painted white…and the interior was fairly trashed. lots of fast food cups and bags, empty packs of smokes, and a cd player in the dash where the typical shitty radio is. upon seeing this, it suddenly hit me:

this is this dude’s CAR. like his daily driver.

you always see and hear about uhaul selling their shit, but i always figured it went to commercial entities – it never occurred to me somebody would, at some point, move (or help somebody move), drive one of these shit boxes, and think to themselves, “i could get USED to this!”.

it’s a strange world.

journey to bitterness

one of the reasons i pay for hbo every month is because every year they do a live broadcast of the rock n roll hall of fame induction. i used to read about these and the killer performances and speeches in rolling stone magazine, and i’ve missed a lot of great shit. so when i got hbo, i made sure i always check it out. even when the bands are some i only marginally enjoy it’s usually a good show. wakeman’s stand-up bit when yes was inducted this year comes to mind. but when journey got in? that was awkward for ALL of us. the band is in the audience and takes the stage MINUS the little phillipino guy that’s been doing vocals with them for the last several years…and steve perry walks out from the wings. he hugs everybody. he gives the last speech totally praising all his former band mates, humbly talking about how lucky he was to get to sing for a great group of instrumentalists, and then the lights go out and journey performs – with the little phillipino guy (who, i will note, steve perry also acknowledges in his speech). talk about bitter wounds that don’t heal – fuck me, even metallica let jason play.

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