grill-less weekend part II of many (and a second sixerless sunday)

i wanna revisit the sixerless sunday i did before the big shop move…

…and try and talk myself into a bbq?

i was gonna skip what would be the twenty-first annual juneteenth bbq because we were gonna be out of town. but between ufc illness draining her sick days, puppy illness draining our bank accounts, and shane (who typically dog sits when we get outta dodge) re-joining the workforce too many things were stacked against it…

…so if there is a summer trip, it won’t be till july or august if at all.

i’d like to figure out the day that’s dead on between my birfmas and the ufc’s and maybe do something then.

in the interim there’s the bbq question – to do it or not. my grill is basically dead, but i think i could still use it in a pinch i just have to have a hose ready and keep an eye on it. so do we do it here and shun my atomic family? just make it an old-school crew affair? or skip it all together? i really need to figure this shit out…

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