our sister trump

i bet that title is something that’s not ANYWHERE on google!


but yesterday we (kinda) launched our new sister site. in the tradition of our current administration you punch in one site and it re-directs you to another (we’re working to change that) but it will follow similar rules to this one – new shit, every other day. it’ll just be the days that fall between the days on here, so i get to come up with new content EVERY day now…

…fuck, what was i thinking?

but i figure this new presidency has the potential to cough out enough material that it could eclipse most other topics on here, so i decided to start another site to handle it. i told kramer i’m shooting for only about 25% original content, and the other 75% will be filled by memes and links and such to basically try to answer the question “what the fuck, trump?”.

i sat through his inauguration speech yesterday and caught a slight case of cautious optimism so i only signed up for the url for the first year. who knows? maybe he’ll pull off a good chunk of what he’s trying to do and i’ll pull the site after a year being somewhat content in how he does shit. you never know. stranger shit has happened – just look who got sworn in yesterday!

more details on the sixer up on the trump site tomorrow…

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