throwback thai thursday

i love alliteration…

…although the title technically ISN’T. i wanted to do one from today five years ago, but five years ago we were on “even” days. that being said, how could i resist the title?

you can like sex with little boys, just don’t “like” a post against the royals
January 18, 2012 sean M

one night in bangkok…

…and you’ll holla in the city of squalla!

(i should note i’ve been seeing a lot of commercials on the blu-ray release of the last hangover flick and i really liked it, so there you go)

seriously – i remember wondering how you get arrested there with all the shit that’s either fully legal or quasi-legal or what have you. but you know what’s NOT legal? free speach. booze, dope, fucking in the streets? all kosher – but insulting their monarchy on facebook? or liking a post that does? not so much.

no bullshit.

and if you think you’re safe from this law in the states, your wrong.

according to the article i just linked to (assuming it’s still up and the thai royals haven’t pulled it down) let’s say somebody puts something up against the royal folk in thailand on facebook and you “like” it. they now have your name on the “like” list…and they don’t LIKE that. than you go to thailand. they check your passport…and cuff you. and you go to jail. you know the shit that goes on in their bars? yeah, i don’t even want to picture what the fuck happens in their jails when the lights go out…

(and while this bit was five years ago, and the “no bullshit” link no longer works, this is still very much a thing…)

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