liz bit

let’s talk about liz for a moment…

…and not this liz:

…but rather THIS one:

(although using the pistol’s version they almost look like they COULD be the same person, eh?)

as we get closer to something bad, our human instinct is to panic and cling to…well…anything we can. the “bad thing” being referenced here is the impending inauguration of donald trump, which some of us still find hard to fathom is reality. the only positive sign i can see is all the dipshits that think this guy will save the country get to watch his numerous crash & burns and shut the fuck up. i will be posting, randomly, bits off my new site ( on friend (and trump supporters) facebook profiles with the simple text added “YOU DID THIS” because all those who did put TWITLER in office should get credit where credit’s due…

(i’ll quickly add, i did NOT coin the “twitler” thing, but i’ll exploit it!)

but, in this case the “life line” was a new yorker piece, written by a comedian, back in october – BEFORE the election. in it he speaks of a bogus QE2 speech whereby she offers to take back over our country as a write-in candidate because “This two-hundred-and-forty-year experiment in self-rule began with the best of intentions, but I think we can all agree that it didn’t end well,”.


but in this case, humorous as some of the comments in the bit were, it was not to be. she didn’t extend the offer, and we wouldn’t take her up on it if she did. this country has weathered many storms, many peaks and valleys, and i don’t think some yellow-haired orange-skinned billionaire bitch is gonna make it crumble. i will say, with conviction, that we CAN make america great again…in 2020…when more of us need to turn out to vote and get the commander in tweet gone!

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