since we’ll all be saying it any way, i might as well own it…

in ten days a celebration starts in our nation’s capital…

…and it’s been all over the news.

trump inauguration – sponsored by visa…it’s everywhere you want to be!

okay, so maybe it’s not sponsored by visa. but you KNOW it’s gonna be sponsored by somebody…it’s the way the motherfucker works. and you know it won’t be the “presidential inauguration”, it’ll be the “TRUMP inauguration” to cover the bases of the whole “he’s not MY president” crowd as well as satisfy der führer in that everything must be named after him.

and with that, i have news – but first a bit of back story.

this whole bullshit started (as in me writing all this so four or five of you can read it) back as an occasional bit contributor on the greatest astrological site on the whole interwebs. from there i wrote on, a “sister site” that kramer had set up to do weird news stories and shit that just didn’t fit on his blog or horoscope sites…but it proved to be a bit much, and so he set it up for me and the rest, as they say, is history.

i already owned three web addresses – the classic, one for me & nikki i really need to do more with, and this one –, which came about because i’d used the title “wtf, sean?” forever and i’d seen a slightly hood friend spell it “daphuk” on an instagram post (as in “what daphuk?”) so i secured it. and i just secured another that i’d like to have ready to launch by inauguration day,

i figure the commander in tweet will provide enough material to where the site will practically write itself. it’ll be a collection of the retarded trumpisms that come about during his presidency. if i can keep up, i’ll keep it up till he quits or we close out his four years (i’m betting the former happens first) but we’ll see. maybe he’ll be a great and responsible president and i’ll shut it down early outta respect…

…HOLY FUCK – i almost kept a straight face when i said that! look for it on his inauguration day, which is technically eleven days from now!

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