white folk problems – rock edition

“is it a paperweight…a piece of art? who knows?”

what i DO know is if you bought the fucking thing, you’re are ass fuck retarded:

it’s a leather pouch with a rock in it. a rock. just a fucking rock. as in i have several in my yard. but in the new america, where a guy with these in his head and a metric shit ton of money can now be president elect (remember, it hasn’t officially been decided yet) this is what sells out for adults for xmas. that’s right – sells the fuck out. the medium eighty-five dollar version is sold out online, as is the smaller sixty-five dollar version.

but wait!

there ARE still some in stores if you call around, so check your local nordstrom’s…and if you actually plan to, forget you know this site exists – you’re too stupid to get my humor!

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