the traditional turkey day leftovers bit

so, here’s a few lessons learned from the holiday weekend…

(keep in mind i work friday-saturday-sunday so to me the holiday is waaaay done)

bad santa 2 – i saw this tuesday night, before it was technically released. private screening. i really liked it and plan to own it. was it better than the first one? i don’t know about all that…parts of it, most certainly. it’s a bit raunchier (believe it or not) but just as funny with a couple obligatory touching moments. i’ll be curious to see if they do a “badder santa 2” like they did with the first one.

“serves seven to eight people” is no bullshit – as of this morning, after feeding the fam to the gills AND making leftover sliders with the dinner rolls, stuffing, and turkey we still had over three pounds of turkey left. and that’s BONE-FREE turkey all sliced. we have since made three smoked turkey quesadillas and we’ll see what other fun leftover shit i can come up with. the brick of stuffing will be donated to a co-worker who loves the fuck out of stuffing. i’m thinking a pizza will be in order next week. smoked turkey, alfredo, and smoked provalone? yeah, that might happen for me & the ufc (the kiddo will probably opt for totino’s, but that’s just more for us!). the green bean casserole from HEB (four bucks, fuck it) and none of the ufc’s stuff will go to anybody else ’cause it really rocked so that’s all us.

and finally…

not to sound all racist and shit… – black friday. does anybody that reads this ACTUALLY do it in the “sit outside target at 4am” shit? or do you all just cyber that bitch like i do?

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