make that 574,064 (as of 11/12/16 at 6pm cst)

i wasn’t gonna do another post about the election, but it seems necessary…

…because, surprisingly, nobody seems to be saying shit.

i mean WE’RE saying shit. the american people, that is. but not the elected officials. i haven’t seen or heard anything about the current protests and fears and shit being addressed by obama or clinton. trump hasn’t even gone ape shit about it. but fears about the economy can be squelched because the market actually had it’s best week in years. that’s a positive.

three things my conservative friends need to remember:

1. trump’s the “president elect”, not the president. on a really technical level he hasn’t been elected yet because the electoral college (see all his “rigged system” comments pre-election that he’s been quiet as fuck about since it put him in) hasn’t voted yet.

2. as a result of number one, he also has no more power than he did on monday, so stop talking about actions he’s taking or things he’s passing. the only thing he can pass this november is the gravy across his gold-leaf table, or maybe a stone if he has such a problem with his innards. i hope he doesn’t. i mean, i didn’t vote for him, but i’ve heard that sucks and wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

3. just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. this goes double for any site that in the title lets you know it’s political leanings in the title.

and a few for the liberals:

1. not all trump supporters are racist, homophobic, uneducated, or violent
2. say what you want about the man, but he has said a lot of the right things so far
3. see number three above

a brief note on the website note. i hate that “objective journalism”, which used to be the standard, has gone by the wayside and become somewhat of a unicorn – a myth that we’ve heard about from days of old, but you never see them any more and wonder if they ever existed. every story has to have a juicy angle, where even though they drop the term “allegedly” before things you can tell they’re convicting them in their piece. i’ve always run this site with the kramer philosophy “never let the facts get in the way of the story” but this also isn’t a news site. this is my opinion page. and it’s okay to express your opinion (obviously you care a little about mine or you wouldn’t be reading my shit) but don’t try and claim your opinion as fact.

and that brings up another note…

in an interview, when confronted with a statistic that contradicted his statement, newt gingrich asked where the reporter got their info. when it came from a reputable source (the FBI) he replied with something to the effect of, “well, i feel differently, and my feelings are also fact”.

technically, that’s not true.

while the definition of the word “fact” is a statement that can either be proved or disproved (er go an incorrect statement, if it can be proved incorrect, is a fact) but your FEELINGS are an opinion because they can’t be proved or not. if i say “we’re out of whiskey” and you look all through my house and find none OR find a bottle of bushmill’s on the bar you can prove or disprove the statement, er go it’s fact. if i say “i love whiskey” that’s an opinion.

the violence needs to stop. regardless of who’s in the white house, we’re all still the same country. nobody’s going anywhere. stop beating up folks in the name of people that either won or lost the election but couldn’t give a shit if you lived or died. you will not get a gold star by your name for kicking a trump voter’s ass. you will not get on donald’s xmas card list if you beat up a muslim. remember we are states that are united, not divided. whether or not this goes good or bad in another four years we go through it all again – let’s be human about it till then, k?

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  • Shane Nov 13, 2016 @ 8:56

    I’ve known you for over 15 years, so I can say with some certainty that “I love whiskey” coming from you is fact.

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