i guess 202,340 americans CAN be wrong?

i hate to say, “i told you so”…

…in this case, it honestly kinda sickens me that i have to say it.

but months ago, when trump got the nomination i predicted a trump victory IF the dnc stayed its bullshit course and put hillary up against him, pointing out that our country hasn’t changed in the last hundred years NEARLY as much as we gave it credit for and that less than a hundred years ago we voted to let black men, who had basically had the rights of a tractor previously, to vote before we gave that right to our wives and daughters, hinting that we didn’t see women as nearly the political force that hrc wanted us to think they were…

…and welcome to the trump years.

likewise, when hillary’s folks fessed up at the dnc that bernie probably shoulda won it…but woulda, coulda, shoulda, what’s done is done – we’ll see that he gets a cabinet post or toaster oven or something and a good chunk of the dems went against her that they might get “ross perot’d”, whereby a third party candidate takes just enough of the vote to sway the election to the other guy…

…and welcome to the trump years.

i didn’t want her to win. but i didn’t want him to win either. and while i realized that arguably one of them would, i had kinda started to like her veep and figured maybe she’d get brought up on SOMETHING between now and january and he’d have to take the oath instead, which would be cool. i’m hoping he picks up the torch in 2020. but for now?

welcome to the trump years.

shit, i had even made a meme for all my stupid friends who went stein or johnson just to “show the system their voice”:


we have done what, on the world stage, they (as in other countries) would expect. they see us as loud-mouthed, spray-tanned, under educated, overly confident blowhards who speak first, think never, believe ourselves to be more intelligent and under control then we really are when we’re really just permanently stuck in our spoiled daddy-bought freudian frat boy phase…and now the king of those dipshits is gonna be president.

it’s what any other country would have expected of us in the de-evolution of our country and our culture.

i had pledged publicly on this page to have a theme for my facebook profile pics, that would change daily, until i got shut down or we hit his first hundred days. i did run the first one:


and i had actually resolved myself to do them only every OTHER day, because i thought it was insulting to you, my readers, to do that shit daily but only do a bit here every other day, so this was the plan for tomorrow:


(the common theme of these two, aside from the obvious, being that he looks like he’s starting to actually say “fucked” if you look closely)

from there i was gonna start to go all artsy with them:


(this is done by and artist i really dig so i left his watermark)

and even really get insulting:


but you’ll notice all these statements are in the past tense, because i decided just to stop after the first. why? because while i had close to twenty fb friends who liked the donald’s page, i only had one really vocal one. and his response to the first one was:


and that’s when it occurred to me – the trump folks just don’t get it. literally don’t understand shit. for all the politics and debates and bullshit he could have just made his slogan “TRUMP GOOD” and they would have eaten it up.

the huge bit of irony in all this is the “rigged system” that trump lambasted saying “voice of the people” needed to be heard is what got him in. he LOST the popular vote. by how much? check the title of this bit. and what’s funny is that number kept waxing and waning yesterday as more electoral votes were settled (and some still haven’t been, which might make this get interesting). as of 9:25 am when this is being written, the number has jumped back up to 233,404 votes. he’s only nine electoral votes over the line.

i’m starting to wonder whether or not this is really over, with numbers still fluctuating and shit.

but to all the trump supporters that bitch about the protests and the online posts let me put this out there: if you think that trump could have won the popular vote by over 230,000 people but lost the electoral vote by such a narrow margin and NOT started some shit you are so stupid you need to wear a helmet when you leave your home.

my only ignorance is this – michigan still shows as officially undecided because, as of now, they show a delta of less than 12,000 votes in trump’s favor. if they recount and find hillary won, does she get those sixteen electoral votes, dropping him below the 270 line? and how quiet will the trump folks be then? again, i’m not sure this is really over, but maybe i’m just being optimistic…

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  • sean M Nov 11, 2016 @ 17:02

    What’s interesting is the delta keeps growing – as of last night it was up to 337,636 and as of now (4:57CST on 11/11/16) it’s up to 395,050. That’s almost 400K folks who’s vote literally doesn’t count.

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