stealin’ from steez

don’t get me wrong, i looove this guy’s work…

…but sue my egotistical ass (and after this, he might), sometimes i feel i can improve upon ideas.

take for example, his love print (which i own but can’t currently find):


back in 2009 i decided i wanted it as an inside of bicep tattoo, but i wanted to change every weapon to reflect my tastes a bit more, and for the detail i wanted we needed more real estate. i didn’t like the AK as the “E”, admittedly ironic since i own one, although one day i will own the hk i substituted as well as the COP .357 i used for the “L”:


(to complete the thought, the “O” is totally illegal to own, and the “V” was based on a pic i took of a real italian switchblade that kramer smuggled back through customs for me)

three notes on this “LOVE” thing before we move on:

1. taking pictures of your own stomach is not easy
2. forty-five or not, i really need to do more core in the gym
3. i did this in 2009, and while mine is still a bit different, at this point this is not a unique concept:


moving on. i own quite a bit of his stuff, scattered here and there in my gallery hall:

img_5258 img_5259

but i was looking through some more of his stuff and found one i liked, but felt i could do better, which led to this:


a butterfly made of speakers! took only about a half an hour in photoshop, and his was all stampified where as mine uses actual pics. don’t get me wrong – it’s obscure enough that i probably could claim it and, at least to my friends and family, nobody would know…but i believe in giving credit where it’s due. so steez, if you’re reading this, thanks for the inspiration!

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