it’s revolting (the glimpse behind the curtain)

so yesterday was probably the truest day in the 2016 election…

…at least, it truly showed how some things work.

last night, around 7pm edt the gop reported on their guy winning the debate. they talked about how it was clear the real loser in the debate was hillary. it lambasted the moderator about the “top five questions pence was NOT asked”, and, most laughingly, it had a separate subsection entitled “then things voters are saying about the debate”.

the problem with the article was it was spotted on their site around 7pm edt – two full hours before the date even happened. so either the gop had discovered time travel (which we know isn’t true because if that was the case they’d go back and pick a less punch-line-worthy nominee) or they showed their ass on this one.

i think we all know what the truth is here.

now that it IS over most people are saying that, unlike the presidential debate, the gop won this one. to that end, i show how scary my memory can be:

a man can be a c.e.o., or chair a big comittee
a man can be a senator, or mayor of a big city
a man can be a dignitary and put on fancy airs,
but when a man’s vice president, let’s face it – no one cares!

MAD magainze, circa 1984

the sad thing is the guy they wrote that about, the uneventful george herbert walker bush went on to be the forty-first president and the only one-termer in over thirty-five years.

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