push the button

i feel i punched this motherfucker in the teeth:


and lord knows i needed it.

sure, there’s still car concerns and health concerns but overall i’m pretty damn relaxed. our first vacation here was fun but financially straining. our second was brief as mother nature denied us all our fun. this one was awesome. all threats of bad weather went away as we headed down and a good time was had by all. this pic sums it all up:


it’s a nice close out – kramer’s selling the joint so this will be our last time here. if we decide to come back to port aransas we won’t stay here. this place, without his hook up, is a bit out of our price range. we’ll shoot for a different spot, since this time we actually went exploring and found new parts of the island we’d never seen (and heard about even more we want to explore). he’s too coastal NOT to end up with another place somewhere on the texas waterfront so we’ll probably go explore there as well. but for now it’s time to pack it in till the holidays.

and tomorrow? back to life – back to reality…

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