swallow the pill and call it good

yep, it’s that kind of day…


car’s still on jack stands. i’ve had no time to get the house in order. got unpleasant financial news about our vacation less than twenty-four hours prior to departure. there’s a chance i poisoned myself today and could have total system shutdown within a week or so.

fuck it, we’re making it work…when a good friend hooks you up, you say, “thanks, bud” and head the fuck out of dodge even when curve balls aim at your skull. kramer blames the current planet alignment – and since i’m staying at his coastal joint the next few days, i’ll go with that. all i know is shit needs to loosen it’s grip on me soon or i might lose my shit.

and that could go sideways fast.

so thanks to kramer for the place and thanks to shane for the dog/house sitting.

i need some sand between my toes and a drink in my hand – stat!

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