lolly gaggin’

at first i wasn’t behind this company…

…but as i read more on their website, i became somewhat of a supporter.

a former co-worker threw something on his instagram that caught my attention, and not in the best of ways:


not so much the red one, but the white one (i’ll quickly note i googled this since i have no idea how to hit instagram from my computer rather than my phone and honestly this was quicker than pulling it off there). that’s right – breast milk lollipops. and while the website swears no women were milked to make them, there WERE women who donated breast milk to the companies tasters to make sure they got the flavor right.

no thanks.

the austin based company also has booze flavored ones (they started the company because they had “too much absinthe and not enough candy” one halloween, and yes that’s one of the flavors, too) as well as blue cheese, various beers, wines, breakfast cereal, maple bacon, and mermaid, which tastes like either a tropical drink or dozens of love-struck sailors…but i guess if it was the latter it would have to be named “your mom” versus “mermaid”, huh?

support your local confectioners!

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