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so, here’s my prediction for the cluster fuck that is this current presidential election…

…and it’s pretty easy.

no question trump get’s the nod from the golden orangutan party (renamed from the “grand ol’ party” in his own image, or at least hair color) and many see this as the death of the party. i tend to agree. my grandmother, a life-long republican more in the reagan/ike sense would probably NOT vote straight ticket this year if she was still with us…of course, she would also be 109 if she was still with us, so she’d probably be somewhere in middle earth hooked up with gandolph if she was still alive and therefor not vote anyway…

…so never mind that now.

as i think i’ve mentioned, the democrat super delegates were created for when, in the honest opinion of the notorious d-n-c, the people were wrong. to this end i mean if the primaries and caucuses and what not give them a candidate that they straight up KNOW will get their asses handed to them by the juggernaut the republicans have put up then the super delegates are supposed to flip the the candidate the d-n-c thinks has a better chance and push their numbers up to nomination country.

and by all accounts these days that’s bernie.

but here’s the problem…

…the current person putting the “notorious” in “the notorious d-n-c” is the former co-chair of the unsuccessful hilary for president campaign, and she’s looking for vindication. that’s why all this shady shit keeps going down (vegas) where it looks like bernie should win delegates but they magically go to hillary. and if that shadiness continutes and they push clinton into their throne i’ll guarantee you a trump presidency.

if you doubt me, just watch.

all our presidents have been white males. we’ve tried the “niche candidate” the last eight years who was going to turn the economy around (not so much) give us universal health care (whether you like it or not, and prepare to pay heavily if you’re a “not”) and end the war in the middle east (no comment). a large part of this administrations failures are due to congress stone walling and bickering rather than moving in the better interest of the american people. no big surprise there…and i can also guarantee most of the stone-walling folk would rather have a portrait tattoo of obama on their ass cheek than agree with trump. so we’ll have at least four more years of governmental nothingness ahead of us – but the american public would rather go back to the older white guy formula than elect a woman to run shit. i guarantee it. i’m not saying it’s right, i’m just saying it is what it is. keep in mind black men went from being literal property like a plow or livestock to being able to vote in the general election BEFORE white women were able to…and not nearly as much has changed about how this country thinks as you’d like to think it has…

…again, if you doubt me – just watch. let’s see how this all goes.

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