the new bronze age?

remember the good ol’ days when you had to lead men to victory in a battle or found a country or at least do…well…fucking SOMETHING to deserve your own statue?

well, not the fuck any more, you don’t! witness:


it’s in sugarland, texas – an affluent section of houston, the city that gave us both the boob implant and anna nicole smith.

that pretty much sums up the city for me!

while the big social media buzz was about this wealthy berg having so much expendable tax payer money they’d spend it on THIS shit, that’s not the case – it was actually a private donation for an “art installation” around town that also included a life-sized bronze guitar player sitting by a fountain and some sharks in another water feature, all in front of public buildings.

so while this is, in my opinion, the most retarded and austintacious of the bunch, it’s not actually “our tax dollars at waste” – it’s simply what qualifies as art, from the same part of the country this qualified as a “hometown girl gone celebrity” worth being proud of:

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sadly, the bronze bitches doing the selfie thang is actually a cultural uptick…so…um…way to go, sugarland?

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