winged demons, meet powdered demon

“chemical warfare” the ufc calls it…

…and the shit we got is no joke.

for being such a “fragile component of our delicate ecosystem” the bees that chose to plague my place are some hardy fuckers. dish soap took the last hive out with a single application. this one is embedded just right to where after TEN applications it’s still living, thriving, and surviving…

…time for plan two. or “chemical warfare” (i.e. pesticide).

for being so delicate, surprisingly few insecticides actually work on bees. like next to none. but we found a water-soluble powdered one called “demon” that has warnings about using it on your garden because “it is extremely toxic to bees” and “pollinating bees will take it back to the hive and inadvertently wipe out the entire colony.”


so i bought some of THAT shit and loaded up a super soaker that still had some dish soap in it for good measure – and within hours, far less bees. but today? back to normal! shit, there were even MORE on the outside buzzing around when i got home then i’d seen in forever…but i think it’s because the demon (which is said to take two to three days to take out a colony, and today is only day two) is in the hive so the other bees know to stay away? like i said, there was a shit ton of them buzzing around the outside when i got back from work, but within a half hour the cloud had dissipated down to next to nothing.

if i still see some hovering about i guess i’ll re-apply next week. i paid almost fifteen bucks for a four packs of the shit, i might as well put it to use. i might not like the little winged fucks, but at least i’ve gotten a bit or two out of them. that being said, they’ve served their purpose – time for them to go!

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