cause ‘MERICA, that’s why!

so, apparently this summer, this happens…

Bud Cans

budweiser, always slightly patriotic in its marketing with the eagle and the big “A” (which stands for parent company “anheiser busch”, not “america”, in case you’re curious) is taking it up a notch in this, the summer of the political fist fight (just wait for it) by re-naming it’s beer “AMERICA”.

you’ll also notice the “AB” at the top of the can (which stood for said aforementioned parent company) now says “US” and other little changes here and there to make sure you know what country you’re in. of course, eight years ago this would have been a nicer move since it was still an AMERICAN company, but it was sold to a belgian beer conglomerate in the summer of 2008 (the same one that owns corona among others). from where i’m sitting it’s almost insulting to name a beer “america” only to ship the profits from said marketing campaign to a foreign company, but maybe that’s me. it really, sadly, is the way this countrapany* of ours seems to be going, doesn’t it?

the term “countrapany” is a registered trademark of

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