what daphuk…

…am i gonna do about the bee thing in this house?


i’ve sprayed with practically undiluted dish soap and nada – only thing i can figure is i’m using a kind of dish soap that’s basically ineffective? i pulled the tree branches blocking the hive out and today, for the first time since, let ‘er rip with the super soaker – and it’s like i did nothing. the last hive was gone over a week ago by now with the same treatment. entrance too small? wrong kind of soap? who knows – but rain is making the yard grow, which means mowing will need to happen, which means soon we gotta switch from environmentally (and pet friendly) dish soap to real deal bought at a feed store poison (note to city readers – “feed stores” in small towns have poison to destroy pretty much any life that breathes).

but that wasn’t what the “what daphuk” was supposed to be about today…

…it’s more like what the fuck is up with this?

PC collage

which is a meme i made for a facebook lockhart discussion group on the fly, but it got worse and led to this:


so are we that cool to the homeless? all about some syrian refugees but only if they’ve come to us via REI? nope – it ain’t “REI”, it’s “HBO” filming season three of the leftovers all over lockhart again like they did with season two.

i’m told that all the traffic diversions and road closures and other annoyances are “worth it” because of all the money this pumps into our little ‘berg…but does it really?

we’re close enough that the cast and crew don’t stay in town – they trek in from austin every day, as does all the equipment. some of the local houses used as sets have their owners get reimbursed, some people have come home to find pop-up camp sites on their lawn and a note on the the door with a number they can contact to get paid. others haven’t had a number, just a wrecked lawn. hell, they even truck in their own food versus using local restaurants, and most of their power comes from generator trucks that are gassed up in austin and drive out here.

so where’s this “inconvenience money” i’m hearing about? shit, we’re even still having to pay for hbo while essentially living on one of their sets. i guess i might have to check out season two on demand and see what all they fucking hype (and inconvenience) is about. JAB’s wife loves the show – ME was pretty “eh” about it. guess i’ll have to be the deciding vote here…

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